Baahubali: Small Logics Missed

“Baahubali” is the magnum opus of the famous director S. S. Rajamouli. This film made Rajamouli land in the list of top Indian directors. Movie was about two brothers fighting over their Kingdom. They split the story into two parts. The first part is “Baahubali-1 The beginning” and the second movie is “Baahubali-2 The conclusion”. Baahubali series had a great impact on the audience making it a landmark movie. Baahubali embarked its name on the top list of Indian cinema.

It wasn’t only a commercial hit but was a symbol of the talent in South Indian movies. In the first part the director gave us all a visual feast with all the VFx. The end was a suspense and the best part of the movie which made audience go crazy about a question, “Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali?”, paving way for the second part to answer that. In the second movie,  They revealed it why Kattapa had to kill Baahubali.

But even in this epic Indian movie there were still flaws and spoilers. The first part made a few scenes irrelevant to the story. Also, small logics were missed. Let us see what they are.

Three Unanswered questions:

  1.  Why was Kattappa a slave of the Mahishmathi kingdom?
  2. Who is Bhallaladeva’s wife?
  3. What was Aslam Khan’s role in the movie and why didn’t he appear   in the second part?

These were the most asked questions on the social media after they screened the Baabhubali series. Let’s try to give a logical explanation.

Story past the movie:

One day Amarendra Baahubali’s grandfather was hunting in the forest that is when he sees a mob attacking the forest’s residents. He rescues those forest residents fighting with that mob and gets injured and dies. The tribes leader, the forest residents’ king then gives an oath to the Mahishmati Kingdom that all his upcoming generations will give their lives for the kingdom. They were none other than Kattappa’s ancestors that is why Kattapa’s had to be a slave of Mahishmati.

The second movie was a visual feast but has not satisfied the critics over some small logics. In the second movie we could see Bhallaladeva’s son, Bhadra but Bhallaladeva’s wife wasn’t shown in any part of the Baahubali series. A story behind why Bhallaladeva’s wife wasn’t shown in the film is that her sister was pregnant and she had to stay to look after her sister at their mothers place. After hearing the death of his husband she gets angry with Mahishmati. Shivudu somehow gets to know about her anger and tries to convince her by visiting her but she doesn’t get convinced.

She declares that she will wage a war against Mahishmati. Shivudu without uttering word returns to Mahishmati. He gets married to Avanthika. That is when Bhallaladeva’s wife sends her troops for war over Mahishmati. There was a dearth in the manpower in Mahishmati that is when Kattappa asks Aslam Khan to help them. Bhallaladeva’s wife shakes hand with Kalakeya’s brother Lavipunj who was already angry over mahishmati. He plans to kill Bhallaladeva’s wife also no sooner he defeats Mahishmati.

The war starts and was were intensive and continued for around 10 hours. Shivudu gets to know about the plan of Lavipunj but he doesn’t want to harm Bhallaladeva’s wife. He wants to reveal the original side of Lavipunj. He surrenders himself to Lavipunj infront of Bhallaladeva’s wife. Lavipunj tries to kill her according to his plan and then our hero rescues her by killing Lavipunj.

The fact was that tha soldiers of Bhallaladeva’s wife were also supporters of Mahishmati. Bhallaldeva’s wife agrees to stay in Mahishmati. After this war, other kingdoms never dared to declare war against Mahismathi kingdom and Shivudu rules the kingdom for more than 200 years. This is the end of the story. Hope you all liked the story.

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