Titanic : Mysteries of the unsinkable ship

It has been more than 100 years for this tragedy, sinking of the great Titanic ship in Atlantic waters. How many of you know that the cause for it happened 3000 years ago. Everyone of us might have many doubts regarding this tragedy. Some may think whether the love story we all have seen in the movie actually happened or not. I will clear everyone’s doubts and answer all the questions.

Exactly 3000 years ago that means in 1000BC a glacier called Greenland glacier was formed. In 1909, a small piece of it started it’s journey from its origin. In the same year the company WHITE STAR LINE thought of constructing the biggest ship in the world. They were too excited to come into limelight I guess. They named it Titanic which was derived from the meaning Titan. It’s length was more than twice of the Egyptian pyramids.

It had a tennis court, swimming pool, golf court, post office, library, saloon, kids play ground and even hospital with operation theatres. Now you may have understood why it was called a moving palace. The cost of first class ticket in the ship was $4500. Oh my god in today’s currency it would be $1,00,000 and that’s why it is called millionaires express. Few days before the construction finished, one of the fuel chamber got fire. This high temperature weakened the iron there. But this accident was not revealed as it may effect company’s reputation.

The part of the ship below the water level consisted of 15 water tight containers. It takes only 25 seconds for all the chambers to get locked. Even if 4 of them gets damaged, the ship can still float. And that’s why it was named unsinkable ship. But it was ironical.

The day before the journey of Titanic started, an officer forgot and kept a lockers key in his pocket. On the same day captain replaced him with an other man. This was one of the reasons. On the next day ship started it’s journey. Let me tell you something interesting. Titanic movie took 34 million dollars more than the construction of the same ship. In the night when captain went to take binoculars he couldn’t find the lockers key.

The next day night at 11.40 P.M , a guard noticed the ice berg just before 37 seconds to hit because it was narrowly visible. The ice berg hit the ship in its weak part which got fire. Because of this 6 chambers damaged and ship started sinking. There weren’t enough life boats available. It took 2 hours 40 minutes for the ship to completely sink. In the history it’s the only ship to sink hitting an ice berg.

Finally let’s see the love story. In Titanic’s reservation list 2 tickets were reserved with the name rose. One of them was a mother and the other was maid in the ship. So officially there’s no Rose in the ship. To make this story a little crispy, romantic and interesting James Cameron introduced the characters Jack and Rose. There came many conspiracy theories about this ship but all were proved false!

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