10 Reasons For Hair Fall You Must Know

Led Zeppelin would never have reformed if he or Jimmy Page were bald. – Paul Weller
Life has a very unique style of showing its shades. The sweets and sours are given at the same dosages at every point of time. It all starts with something and ends with the same. We start smiling with no teeth in our mouth, after a while we grow teeth and then at the end again with no teeth. But seeing us losing something causes sorrow. Hair fall is such a thing. We all might have witnessed hair fall at some or the other point of life. I know the pain how it feels seeing your hair falling off. Here we will see ten worst reasons for hair fall.

1.Thyroid Problem


As we all know, Thyroid gland produces hormones that control our metabolism and growth rate. In some people with thyroid problems the gland produces abnormal amount of hormones due to which the hair falls.

Medical treatment is recommended if you have that problem. The entire scalp is affected in this condition rather than a specific part of the scalp.

2. Scalp Infection

If you hate bathing and haven’t taken bath for around a week then let me tell you that you have chances of going bald. Yes it is recommended for you to have a shower at least thrice a week. If not your scalp gets infected and it is more likely for you to go bald sooner. Be sure you don’t have any irritation on your scalp and make sure you don’t have dandruff.

3. Pregnancy

For women pregnancy turn out be a tough time. They lose a lot of hair in this period. That is why we see our moms complaining about losing hair because of us. LOL! The reason behind this is not getting enough nutrition for the bodily needs. It is recommended to take enough nutrition during pregnancy not only for the hair but for the entire body to be healthy.

4. Birth Control Pills

The strong nature of birth control pills causes the hair to shed off. So it is best to avoid these if you are a regular victim of hair fall.

5. Hair Styling

This is for those who try different styles for their hair. The methods used for hair styling cause a huge damage to the hair and causes hair loss. But if it is a must for you to do that I recommend using some good shampoos to prevent excessive hair damage. My personal best is Pantene Pro-v silky smooth care range products.

6. Stress

Stress has many adverse affects on our health one of many is hair fall. Stress causes huge hair fall. It is good for our health to control our emotions. I do meditation and yoga to control my emotions and stress.

7. Deficiency of Vitamin B

It is highly recommended for the hair fall victims to take requisite amounts of vitamin B. Foods like fish, starchy veggies are a good source for vitamin B. You can also consider using tablets to replenish Vitamin B.

8. Heredity

Yes, you heard it right. Your genetic code has everything already coded in your genes. The bodily changes you experience during aging may be because of your genes. So, if any your ancestors is bald it is more likely for you to go bald.

9. Weight Loss

Weight loss can be because of many factors. Sudden wight loss also cause hair loss. When a person loses hair the blood sugar levels drop which causes hair to fall.

10. Anemia

Anemia is caused by deficiency of iron. It causes the hair to weaken and eventually fall. It is essential to intake proper food with requisite amounts of iron for your body. If you think you are experiencing anemia make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

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