Tips To Stop Feeling Inferior

Inferiority: A Victims Story

When I was a kid, me along with my family lived in family quaters, allotted to my dad who was an army personnel. I was around 9years old. One day our family was invited for dinner by Mishra uncle, my dad’s colleague. I was very excited to see Mitthu, a parrot, in their house. There I met Bipin and Anjali, mishra uncle’s children. We had a very good day. They were nice kind of people.

After that we returned home. I was playing in the hall that is when my mom gave me a glass of milk. I reluctantly shook my head saying “no”. Then my mom scolded me and said ” Did you see how healthy and chubby Mishra uncles kids were? You are so thin, now drink this milk.”

After a few days my 3rd class’s exams results were out. I got 90 out of 100. But Mishra uncle’s son got 98, which my dad  already knew. My dad asked me why I didn’t score 98. Comparison started.

These are just a few examples to show how our brain is conditioned from a very tender age for comparing ourselves. When we keep growing these so called comparisons also grow with us. At school marks are compared. In teenage they compare themselves with the one whom they think the most beautiful of handsome is. At age 30 they compare their earnings and social status with the people around them. These comparisons are the biggest reason behind Inferiority.

1.Stop Comparing for comparisons are poisoning one self

When we compare we only do so to find something in someone that is not in us. Actually that doesn’t need to be in us. But our well trains brain for comparing will find something better in someone when we compare. This will decrease self confidence leading to feel inferior.

You are not made to swim don’t compare with a fish for it’s ability to swim.

2.Be thankful for what you have!

Greed leads to sorrow. Hope leads to happiness. There a thin line between these two. Wanting to get something overnight without any hard work is greed. Doing hard work and wanting something is hope.

When we can’t achieve something with greed we see someone who has achieved it. Instead see his hard work and try to achieve bigger. That hope that someday you will be better than him will give self confidence that is a medicine for inferiority complex.

3. Don’t listen to bullies: Have faith in karma

There are some people who instead of living their life, point out mistakes and dearth in your life. You totally should not waste your time listening to them. They are no body in your life. Be proud of what you are. That is your identity that makes you unique. You are the master of your life. Karma will take care of them. They screw themselves more than they did to others.

4.Remember! You are beautiful

Beauty is not about looks. Skin color,heights, weight nothing define you. Your behaviour and spirit matter. And coming to them you are more than beautiful.

The Ultimate “YOU”

No one is made the way that you are being made. If they warriors them you have the potential to be their king. Your true potential shouldn’t be hidden behind those layers of Inferiority. You can create wonders.Have faith in you.

These are the tips wanted to tell you. Now I am feeling way more confident than what used to feel. 

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