Self awareness – Know yourself- Create your world.


Self-awareness and self-development are being neglected the most these days in leading our busy lives.
Knowing about one’s own self can make wonders in leading a peaceful life. The point I want to make is, through the daily struggles we are experiencing in the life we are getting away from own self towards a phase of getting depressed.

What causes depression? Hopes?  Expectations? Failures?

Above those all there is a root which leads us to depression, ‘not getting to know about own self’.

If you get to know what makes you happier and what makes you sad, can’t you lead yourself towards the way which lead to being happy. Everything that you are perceiving in the world around you is being inspired by the one or the other way.

Scrolling newsfeed and getting envied and sad on people who post their success and happiness as their statuses. Doesn’t make any sense. Cause we never say that our friends are sadder than us, then why do we say our friends are happier than us, which in return the successes of others are something to be celebrated but in reverse we find that really hard to see that. One of the biggest challenge is we aren’t ready to accept ourselves, love ourselves, embrace ourselves and feel confident in our own skin.

As soon as you start focusing on growing yourself, you won’t have any time to criticize anyone else. From the starting of the day to the point we get into sleep, whole day we have many insights some we capture and some we don’t care. But without our concern those insights too get captured in our brain, both the observed as well as unobserved ones come to us and make a perspective. Sometimes the dreams we experience are related to these perceptions too. These perceptions towards the world around you can make you and break you at the same time.

You have to learn that, you are not in competition with anyone else and you know what the funny thing is no one is you, and that’s your supernatural power. That’s what makes ‘YOU’ you, and that’s what makes you unique.

The more we realize to appreciate and recognize the potential in ourselves, we learn to recognize the potential in everyone. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. The way you work has been inspired by the past events that you have already seen and learnt.

The way you speak has already been inspired by the words you heard.
The way you are leading your life positively or negatively depends on the circle of friends you possess. All are dependent on your own senses. Make your own reality, if you change the way you look at the things you can actually bring a positive way of leading a life.

Your life is about growing yourself and investing in yourself, reaching your true potential. That’s what it is about you that will make a difference in the world. Try meditating and spending a value time with your own self can make miracles.

To earn something, you have to give something.
Give your time to yourself and earn PEACE.


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